Sunday Offering

The offering is an act of worship. We offer a portion of what God has blessed us with to God for the purpose of doing God’s work in the world. Generous giving flows out of the realization that we have received abundant blessings from God. Our giving – which supports ministry and mission at and through All Saints – is a response of thanksgiving and the desire to “pay it forward.”

Rather than giving to support the church budget, the question we ask is, “How much of my income is God calling me to give?” The Scriptures speak of giving a tithe, or ten percent of one’s income. For this reason we encourage percentage giving; we ask that all make an effort to grow towards a tithe. Prayerfully consider what percentage God is calling you to give; then give with a cheerful heart.

Electronic Giving

Prefer to manage your finances electronically? We offer several electronic giving options.

  • Simply Giving is a program that lets your contributions to All Saints be automatically deducted from your bank account. Please contact the church office at 262-968-3322 for more information.
  • Other electronic options are available through our website at Services or by scanning our QR code on your mobile device.



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