What We Believe

WE BELIEVE in GOD, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – who created and sustains everything that is, who loves us just as we are, hears our prayers, stands with us in our struggles, and is present and active in the world and in our lives.

WE BELIEVE that JESUS CHRIST is the Son of God – who came down to us, lived, died and rose again, so that we are forgiven and made right with God.

WE BELIEVE that as part of God’s creation, we are all BELOVED CHILDREN OF GOD, called and enabled to love and serve God by loving and serving others.

WE BELIEVE that we are SAVED BY GRACE, through faith in Jesus Christ. In and through him, forgiveness, reconciliation and the gift of heaven is already ours. Our good deeds, service to others and acts of kindness, mercy and justice are because of what he had already done for us, and our way of helping bring about the kingdom of God in the here and now.

WE BELIEVE that the KINGDOM OF GOD is already present in the world, although not yet fully. A saying we like to use to explain this is, "already, but not yet."

WE BELIEVE that the BIBLE is the inspired Word of God, and tells us what God wants us to know (which is open to different interpretations based on different theological understandings, traditions, cultures, social locations, and other factors).

WE BELIEVE in two SACRAMENTS which Jesus gave us, Baptism and Holy Communion. God’s Word, together with earthly elements like water, bread and wine, are what make a sacrament, which is a means of receiving God’s grace, forgiveness and love. We believe that Jesus is really present in Holy Communion and the Holy Spirit in Baptism ... because that’s what Jesus teaches.

WE BELIEVE that, because Jesus came for all, ALL ARE WELCOME to receive the sacraments at All Saints.